Spring Black Belt Pretest

Saturday, Mar 10th 2018
Host Studio: 
Causby Karate Academy
Mountain Island Fitness
10030 Callabridge Ct, Charlotte NC 28216
Sanctioned Event: 
Board Meeting: 

Testing will be in the gymnasium.


Schedule of Events

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Host: Causby Karate Academy

Event location address: Mountain Island Fitness, 10030 Callabridge Ct, Charlotte, NC 28216

9:30 AM Doors Open

11:00 -12:00 PM Line Up and Bow In

Written Test - one hour for written test

11:00 - 2:00 PM Judging/Referee Clinic – (refresher- everyone 1x/year, recertification and/or first time certification)

Timekeeping/Scorekeeping Training (refresher one time per year/maintenance testing)

12:00 -2:30 PM Physical test for all testing candidates and maintenance for all others (not participating in Judging Clinic)

2:30 PM Line Up and Bow Out

Please remind students to bring all of their gear and enough water to stay hy-drated

Should anyone get lost and need assistance please call Master Rodriguez at 864-887-4834

Tang Soo!