2017 Region 7 Family Training Clinic

Region 7 Family Training Clinic

February 11, 2017

Master Stephanie Causby, Chief Instructor of Causby Karate Academy and Causby Academy-North Charlotte, hosted Region 7’s Family Training Clinic on a balmy February day at Denver United Methodist Church in NC.  185 students and their family members (starring 37 Tiny Tigers and Little Dragons) enjoyed challenging training sessions and fun and fellowship with our Region 7 TSD family!

The mild, winter morning kicked off with a warm up featuring basic hand and kick techniques for students, and a separate Stretching and Core Strengthening session for TSD family members and friends.  Participants then broke out for 3 training sessions of their choosing.  Training sessions for TSD students were designed for either advanced or beginner levels and included: Jumping Kicks; Staff Skills; Break Falls; Nunchucks; Basic Hand and Kick Techniques and Self Defense.  Instructors from all over the region shared their unique perspective and skill, while students broadened their appreciation for the depth of TSD training and the martial arts! Three hours of training with Tiny Tigers and Little Dragons taught their instructors a deeper meaning of Kyum Son and In Neh!

Family members and friends enjoyed Ki Gong, Tae Chi and a Yoga class and appreciated being a part of this Region 7 training event with their family and friends! 

Tang Soo Do students also had the opportunity to participate in a Judging Clinic and to be evaluated for (re) certification.  Region 7 is diligently working to adhere to standardization and tradition and requires a high level of training and professionalism from all of our judges and referees!

The clinic ended with students practicing Hyung to the drum, while family members cooled down with a gentle stretch.  Tiny Tigers and Little Dragons concluded the day with a full on “attack” with their newly acquired foam swords.  Their ki haps and squeals of delight could be heard all the way to Head Quarters!

Everyone enjoyed pizza and fellowship after the event, while Region 7 board members convened for a leadership meeting at Causby Karate Academy.  Master Causby treated the board members to homemade Chicken Tortilla Soup and brownies while Master Joe Scota, Regional Director, conducted our Region 7 quarterly board meeting.

An exceptional end to another exceptional day in Region 7!

Tang Soo!

Submitted by

Kathy Scully, Sam Dan

Scota Karate Academy