Fall Black Belt Pre-test. Location changes! See details!

Saturday, Sep 9th 2017
Host Studio: 
Scota Karate, Carolina Shin Karate, Capital Tang Soo Do
Depends on which school you attend. See details.
Sanctioned Event: 
Board Meeting: 

As you all know there is a major hurricane making landfall across the southeastern US. A state of emergency is being declared in SC with major traffic flow changes to accommodate the evacuation along the coast. We are already seeing an increase in traffic in the upstate at this time. That said I have decided to have the pretest conducted at two different locations for this Saturday.

WTSDA Region 7 Schools locations and contacts information

The following schools will go to Carolina Shin Karate at WTSDA HQ in Burlington, NC for the pretest.

  • Moo Son TSD Down East
  • Moo Son TSD
  • Causby Karate Academy
  • Chapel Hill TSD
  • Carolina Shin Karate

The rest of us will meet at Scota Karate Academy in Taylors, SC.

  • Chapin TSD
  • Scota Karate Academy

Master Mack will hold a pretest at her studio for her student with a guest master in her area. Master Mack will send me her test results by email.

  • Capital Tang Soo Do

The pretest should begin as normal at 11:00 AM. The written test will be conducted first as usual followed by the physical test. This will be the same in each location. Master Mars will head up the testing panel at HQ. I will head up the testing panel in Taylors. Once the testing is complete all test scores will be sent to me by Master Mars via email. Master Mars will have additional copies at HQ and Mrs. Knight will conduct the written test here in Taylors.

The only people that need to be present are those who are testing. Black Belts will not need to be present for this event and will be given credit for a sanctioned event.

We will hold our board meeting in October after the black belt test at HQ.

Due to the unusual circumstances, I believe it is the best solution to the pending hurricane situation. My first concern is for the safety of all concerned! Please be sure to be careful above all else.

Have a good test this weekend. I look forward to seeing the results. I think I have covered everything for now. If there are any questions please feel free to contact me.

Tang Soo!

Master Joe Scota

Region 7 Director