WTSDA Region 7 Training Clinic 2016

WTSDA Region 7 Training Clinic 2016

Submitted by

Mrs. Lynn Montgomery, Sam Dan

Scota Karate Academy, Region 7


               On Saturday, February 6, 2016, students from all over Region 7 gathered in Denver, NC for their 5th annual Training Clinic.  The event was hosted by Mrs. Stephanie and Mr. Ben Causby of Causby Karate Academy and was held at Denver United Methodist Church.

               Students had the opportunity to do intensive training in Cane Defense, Board Breaking, Jumping Spinning Kicks, Bo Staff, Cardio Core Fitness, Street Application of Forms, Basic Tai Chi, Stretching, Sparring Skills and TSD Training Drills.  With such a wide range of offerings, every student was able to find several sessions to challenge themselves and have a great time in the process.  Even the Tiny Tigers had an exciting day of fun and learning. 




               In addition, a judging clinic was conducted for those desiring to certify as an official judge in the World Tang Soo Do Association or to renew an existing certification.  Maintaining high standards of judging and evaluation is critical to the preservation of the beautiful and powerful art of Tang Soo Do.  This clinic is an excellent way to do that and to pass on excellence to the next generation of judges.

               Following the training sessions, students and parents alike gathered in the main gym for a time of food and fellowship, wrapping up another fun and exciting event among the WTSDA Region 7 brothers and sisters. 

Tang Soo!