2014 Chief Instructors Meeting

2014 started out with a bang for Region 7! Masters and Instructors were stretched to their limits by the Stretching Seminar held by Master Dimarco from Region 8. Master Dimarco started the day with a seminar on nunchuks. Practicing twirls, strikes and catches was only part of the lesson. Master Dimarco went through a step-by-step method of re-stringing your nunchuks and the importance of knowing your weapon. During the stretching seminar, he shared his belief that stretching was for flexibility, balance and strength training. The final challenge was doing splits between two chairs and the results were amazing. Master Dimarco continued to tell us that the ability is in your heart. You have to really want to do something and believe that you can. This is a great lesson for all of us to take back to our students. The board meeting focused on the exciting upcoming events that Region 7 has in store. The first being the Gup Training Day on February 8th in Denver, NC. This is a great opportunity for Gups and Black Belts to train with some of the other Masters and Instructors of Region 7 and make new friends. This year we also have classes that welcome the family members of our students! Some of these include Ki Gong, Women’s Self Defense, and Key Chain Defense. At such a great price for three seminars and lunch, no one should miss out! Our next event will be the Black Belt Pre-Test , Workout and Judging Clinic to be held in Aiken, SC. Black Belts ages 16 and up, should all test for their judging certification to make our tournaments run smoothly and professionally. Here’s to another great year ahead for Region 7 and the World Tang Soo Do Association.